• Ceramic Tile - Whether it is an old world charm you are looking for or a post-modern look and feel, designing with tile offers endless possibilities. Since early civilization, tile has been used by builders for its durability, practicality and beauty. Today, tile still embodies these functional and aesthetic properties.
  • Marble Flooring - One of the oldest buiding materials known to man and is as popular today as it was a thousand years ago. Modern technology has allowed us to find more and more  interesting stone and finishing it to a level of beauty unsurpassed  by any other flooring material.
  • Laminate - One of the best features of Laminate flooring is its versatility. Laminate Flooring is simply a multi-layered; wood based floating floor system offering durability, easy maintenance, a wide range of design options and affordability. Its beauty and durability makes laminate flooring suitable for any room, such as a high traffic kitchen or even a spare bedroom.
  • Hardwood - People are often surprised by the limitless choices that wood flooring affords them. Hardwood flooring offers a wide variety of design options. From standard plank types to hand cut intricate patterns the clean, sharp look and feel of hardwood evokes a sense of comfort, warmth and beauty. Today's wood flooring is right for virtually every room.
  • and much more.
J.B.M. Custom Flooring has been installing and restoring flooring in the Arlington Heights, area for over 15 years.

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