J.B.M. Custom Flooring specializes in high-end commercial and hardwood flooring projects, meeting the needs of custom builders and homeowners on new construction, renovation and remodeling.
     -  We have extensive experience in both high volume production flooring and intricate, high-end custom flooring.
     - Our technicians are experienced specialists in installation, repairing and refinishing woodfloors as well as staircase, balusters and crown moldings.
     -   We use new generation, dustless machines.
JUL –AUG 2005 - Refinishing 38 classrooms –38,000 sq. ft.

APR -AUG 2006 - Condo conversion in Roger Park and Oak Park (60 units) –48,000 sq. ft.   

MAY 2006 - Restoring and refinishing luxury apartment in downtown Chicago historic building.

FALL 2006 - Installing and refinishing residential homes requiring custom design (borders and inlays).    

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